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Private Eye Loupe
Private Eye Loupe Essay 1997
Interview with Selah Saterstrom & Poems


White Streak




The Sadness of a Clown


Ignis Fatuus
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Assisi: An Online Literary Journal of Arts & Letters, Volume 4
Joan Fiset and Sabrina Roberts, Pgs 72-78

“How It Was With Scotland”
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Blue Begonia Press

My mother was named after Joan of Arc. I am named after my mother.She used to tell me stories of the peasant girl who never learned to read. When she milked the cows she heard voices telling her to save France. She wore a suit of armor as she rode on horseback holding the French flag high as she led the soldiers into war. My mother said she was burned at the stake, and I used to imagine her tied to a wooden pole while tongues of fire licked her ankles then moved upward until the red flames and smoke consumed her.  I envisioned her looking up to the sky, as if somehow she understood this horrible thing happening to her. When my mother said Joan of Arc was born to save her country her voice grew serious and calm. She said she became Saint Joan because of her suffering.  She talked about Joan of Arc as if we were she and she was us.

Now the Day is Over

Blue Begonia Press
Winner of the 1997 King County Arts Commission Publication Award
Selected by Rebecca Brown

“At the center of Joan Fiset’s exquisitely written memoir is a heartbreaking family secret the child knows but must not tell out loud. I read Now The Day Is Over in one fell swoop. Hypnotic, controlled yet wildly imaginative, it is one of the most disturbing and beautiful accounts of childhood I’ve ever read.”  Jane Shore

“Both comforting and unsettling. For all the domestic terrors at the heart of it, it is a quiet, intimate book that unfolds in a gentle, unraveling manner, gaining much of its power through its muted tone and persistent gradual revealing.” Jim Heynen